Fresh Coconuts in Bali

Recently, I took a trip to Bali and on one magical day, I tried FRESH coconut for the first time in my life. Yes, it took me 36 years.

Drinking from a fresh coconut in Bali.


The day started like most vacation days…I woke up with a raging case of jetlag, and my stomach felt like the inside of Jerry Bruckheimer movie. Bali belly is a real thing.

I had arranged a trip through  a great local tour company called New Bali.


My mission was to visit the Sekumpul waterfalls, trek a rice field, and end the day reflecting on all the beauty I would witness.

Wayan, the driver came to pick me up from my hotel in Seminyak, very early in the morning and took us high into Kintamani so we could view the sunrise over Mt. Batur.  Take a look at the early part of the video, it was gorgeous.


We then took another 30 minute drive to the Singaraja rice field. Trekking any rice field is tricky. It’s slippery, muddy, and very wet, so each step required my full attention. Not to mention it was hot AF.

After an hour or so, we finally made it towards the top of a large hill and we were treated to fresh coconuts.


One of the local tour guides quickly climbed up to the top of a tree and threw down a coconut for me. When he made it back down, he chopped off the top and told me to drink it.

Nothing could have been more refreshing than this fresh coconut water. It was almost ice cold (and contained almost one liter!), which I thought was weird since this bad boy was just hanging out at the top of a tree in the hot weather. Something about the flesh was insulating somehow.

If this was a magic trick by nature, I have zero interest in understanding it. I like the mystery.

Then my guy cut the coconut open so I could eat the flesh.

In Vegas, when I buy coconuts from the market, they have a little water, and the flesh tends to be flaky and dry.

The Bali coconuts have a true “meaty” texture, and it’s like velvet when you take your first bite.

Ok, I’ll stop and let the video explain everything.


And if you are wondering if I made it to the waterfalls…